Presentation by one of our members,
Wilda Obey,
January 16, 2013

Wilda #1
Wilda holding "The Promise of America" poster.  Behind the family are the mountains of Norway and the mirror image is of them facing the skyscrapers of America.  (This poster is a copy of the very large banner hung on the outside of the origianl Minnesota Historical Society building 1985-6)

Wilda #2
Brothers, drummer boy Anfin (1844-1922) and Sergeant Johannes Sjurson Saterlie (1834-1926).  They were born in Feios, Sogn & Fjordane, Norway and are the sons of Sjur Johanneson Saterlie and Marta Johannesdatter Helland.  Johannes was in the Legangerske Kompani (=Leikanger Company) January 1855 to January 1865.  The photo may have been taken about 1864.

Wilda #3
From left, Amanda Saterlie (1888-1967), Henry (1886-1955) and Clara (1883-1962).  They are the youngest of the twelve children of Johannes Sjurson Saterlie and Kari Nilsdatter Borlaug.  They were born in Evansville, Douglas County, Minnesota.  The photo perhaps was taken about 1905.  (Clara is Wilda's grandmother - her mother's mother).

Wilda #4
Baptism certificate of Arnold Ernest Andersen, born 4 June 1908, son of Albert and Ellen Andersen, baptized 12 July 1908, Zions Church, Alsen, Cavalier County, North Dakota.  Pastor Ludvig Pedersen; sponsors Dina and Sam Iversen, Jens and Bertha Egeland.  (Arnold Ernest Anderson is Wilda's father.  The family used the spelling Anderson rather than Andersen.  The church is Lutheran and usually is spelled Zion. The certificate was printed by Free Church Book Concern, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1900.)

Wilda #5
Arnold Ernest Anderson's baptismal dress.  He was born 4 June 1904 near Alsen, Cavalier County, North Dakota and baptized there 12 July 1908.