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Quilt of Valor
Quilt of Valor

Michas Ohnstad, Pine County Genealogy Society member, was presented a Quilt of Valor
September 25, 2017 by Gladys Enzenhauer and Lyn Johnson.  

He was surrounded by wife, Alma, and other family members and friends
at the Kaffee Stuga Cafe in Harris, Minnesota.

Mr. Ohnstad graduated from Hinckley High School in 1944, received Army armored basic
training and served in WWII in the Philippines.

Following the atomic bombing of the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan,
he received orders from General MacArthur to serve
in Japan with the
Atomic Bomb Commission investigating the effects of the atomic bomb.  

After that
several month assignment, he was transferred to the USA Typhus Commission
and then concluded his military service at General MacArthur's Headquarters, Tokyo.

Mr. Ohnstad's devotion to humankind has never stopped since his discharge,
including his role as a Lutheran Pastor, Director of
several human service organizations,
 State Representative in the Minnesota legislature, and finally, closest to his heart,
 the Grange, the farmer's welfare organization.