About the author:

Alaina Wolter Lyseth is a Minnesota native born in Minneapolis while her father was earning a forestry degree at the University of Minnesota.  His employment with the United States Forest Service required frequent moves for the family, but their roots were always in the North Star state.  Her early educational achievements included winning her sixth grade spelling bee and as a freshman she placed third in the state of Ohio's English scholarship competition.  Lyseth graduated at the head of her class in Ironton, Ohio in 1978.  Her continuing education has been informal-mainly lessons learned in the real world with some miscellaneous college credits earned here and there.  Lyseth's ancestors had settled in the Hinckley area in 1906, and by 1985 she had returned to her roots and settled on a dairy farm in nearby Cloverdale.  She stayed active in the community by serving on the Pine County Dairy Board and volunteering at her children's school and the Hinckley Fire Museum.  After 25 years of raising calves, cows, and kids, she is penning a new chapter in her life which included writing this book.

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Hinckly Fire Book