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    The Pine County Genealogical Society, established in 1997, 

is a group of men and women interested in discovering 

their ancestral roots, helping others to do the same,

and preserving, organizing, and utilizing genealogical resources in Pine County.  

The group meets the third  Wednesday of each month at various restaurants 

in Pine County to enjoy visiting over lunch, discussing society business, 

sharing their genealogical discoveries, and, on occasion, listening to speakers.  

Once or twice a year, members and their guests travel to research sites around the state,

including the Minnesota Historical Society and the Minnesota Genealogical Society.

* * * * * * * *

Helping Each Other

            The members of the Pine County Genealogical Society are dedicated to 

helping each other discover as much about their families as possible.  Recently several 

members of the group worked together to help another group member find her biological father. 

 After years of searching, this member, who had grown up with relatives, kept hitting

"genealogical brick walls",  she knew only her father's name.  

Through the efforts of her fellow-members, who found her father's birthday, 

birth place, and other information, the member was able to locate several half-sisters. 

 Although her father had passed on, she and her sisters enjoyed a happy reunion 

and were able to share pictures and stories.

* * * * * * * *

Helping Other Genealogists

            Pine County Genealogical Society is also enthusiastic about helping other

genealogists, those who aren't members, find genealogical success.  Researchers

from all over the world have contacted the society with their genealogical questions, and 

while society members don't do full genealogies for people, they are happy to answer queries

to the best of their ability by looking up information in available resources or providing

research ideas and connections.  One member, for example, received a research request

from a woman in Sweden, who was looking for a branch of her family  that had immigrated 

to America.  To her surprise, the member actually knew the family in question and was able 

to connect the Swedish researcher with her American cousin.  Even without such personal

knowledge, members have, over the years, aided other genealogists from as close as 

Pine County to as far away as Australia.

* * * * * * * *

Helping the Community

            Since the beginning of its existence, Pine County Genealogical Society 

has been devoted to helping the community by providing valuable genealogical 

resources for all residents to use.  The society has purchased microfilm censuses, 

microfilm newspapers, books on genealogy and genealogical magazines for local

libraries and sponsored genealogy workshops.  Individual members have and are

working on such projects as indexing cemeteries, researching the county's Civil War

veterans (in order to provide them with new gravestones if necessary), and posting 

obituaries online.

* * * * * * * *

            Our fundraisers are  used for genealogy research and projects.

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